It was just another day…


It’s gone.
Was it good?, was it bad?, it’s gone.
It was only 24 hours, and they’re all gone.

Sunset is a reminder, a beautiful reminder,
that nothing lasts forever.
Just remember, it was just another day.


Give yourself away


Be vulnerable, open up your heart, recognize you are scared, cry.

Be human. No matter how many years of professional experience you have, no matter how many stamps in your passport.

Give yourself the opportunity to ignore things, to get amazed at new discoveries. 

Think that each human around you is a different world, get to know that world, even if it looks awkward, behind, or too common. There is something there unknown to you, and it will make you stronger to know what their journey is all about.

Only by giving yourself that opportunity, you will be able to influence their world.

Only when they have influenced yours.





It is impossible to listen when you are always in a hurry. Listening takes TIME. 

Stop, look into my eyes, ask questions, just listen, don´t think about anything else. Not even about solutions. I don´t need them. I just need your time, your interest. Then, after that, we will find the solutions together, or maybe, by the time I finish telling you my situation, I would have found the answer to my questions.

I love the way you listen to me. Thanks for listening 🙂




Do you have kids, nephews, nieces, cousins, brothers, sisters, or friends?

Are you one of those good students that explain math problems to other fellows?

Have you ever taught to anyone how to use a smartphone, laptop, play a game, cook, or have you indicated to anyone how to go to school?

Are you the kind of friend who always listens, cries and celebrates at your friends´ lives?

If you answer YES to at least one of the questions above, chances are you are already in the “Capacity Building” business and you didn´t even know.

There are two ways to actually help someone to improve abilities, it can be done intentionally (as your job), or unintentionally (when nobody pays for it)

The point here is that you build (or destroy) capacity whether you like it or not, whether you are paid for it or for free.

It is just natural, unavoidable.




What Capacity Building means for me.


Capacity Building is the provocation of a feeling, that secret powerful feeling that makes you becoming self-confident, capable, and empowered to do the things that have meaning for you and your life.

Someone did it to you, and you have the obligation to build someone else´s capacity.

I want to write about it because it will help me to realize how my capacity has been built, and how I can, consciously, help someone else.